2016 ELECTION | Hillary Clinton Most Favorable and Familiar Among Potential 2016ers, Poll Finds
@m_rhodan March 12, 2015

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Despite her current private email controversy

Hillary Clinton may be taking heat over a private email controversy, but a new poll finds she’s still more recognizable and viewed more favorably by the American public than any other potential presidential contender.

Gallup’s survey of 1,522 adults in early March, right around the time when the news broke that Clinton used a personal email address and server during her time as Secretary of State, found that 89% of Americans are familiar enough with the former First Lady to had an opinion about her and half were positive. Thirty-nine percent of those polled had a negative opinion.

The release of the results comes after Tuesday’s news conference, during which Clinton addressed the controversy but appeared to prompt more questions than provide answers.

Among Republicans, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie are the most recognizable, though slightly more of those polled had an unfavorable opinion of Christie than a favorable one.

Governors Scott Walker of Wisconsin and Bobby Jindal of Louisiana could face an uphill battle going into 2016, with low familiarity and overall opinion. And retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson is a bit of an outlier: although only 28% of those surveyed know enough about him to weigh in, more people like him than don’t.

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