Ad Portrays Trump and His Rivals as a Single Voice on Immigration

NYT FDMaggie Haberman 8/27/2015

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Good Thursday morning. Donald J. Trump’s heated back-and-forth in Iowa on Tuesday with a respected anchor for a Spanish-language station was a clear display of Mr. Trump’s quirks, but it also highlighted the rising tension his statements and policies on immigration have caused in the party. And a group with ties to Hillary Rodham Clinton is about to pounce.

The immigration ad wars have arrived, at least digitally.

Priorities USA, the “super PAC” supporting Mrs. Clinton, has released a digital ad that uses Mr. Trump’s statements to paint the entire Republican presidential field as hostile toward immigrants, focusing in particular on Jeb Bush and Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin.

“The Super PAC,” will start airing the 30-second spot, titled “This Is the Republican Party,” in Colorado, Florida and Nevada, states with large Hispanic populations.

It makes a clear suggestion that there is no daylight between Mr. Trump and the 16 other candidates. The ad opens with Mr. Trump’s announcement speech in June, in which he said many Mexican immigrants were “rapists.” The video then cuts to audio of Mr. Bush using the term “anchor babies,” for which Democrats have criticized him for days. Mr. Walker makes the briefest cameo, stating the first of what became three competing positions in the last week on the question of ending birthright citizenship.

The ad buy won’t be close to what a “super PAC” will ultimately spend on television spots. But it signals the approach that the outside group will use in the coming months, as Republicans fight it out while Mr. Trump shows no sign of slowing down.