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Saturday November 15, 2014|Tal Cual

The war, after all, is the debauchery of blood. All excesses are brothers. These monstrosities have the power of the abyss.

H. Balzac.   The shagreen

D ebatir, discussing differences has never been in the nature of this unfortunate government, which took power by squeezing the reservoir of resources of bad character. Why instead of arguing calmly edges of the tragedy reacts mad when he discovered the magnitude of an absurdity? Why Axis power bloc will insist tread a path that simply will not do, is not viable? Shout fallacies, loose slander in order to distract her fears. Accuse, denigrate, are still presented as victims of massive conspiracies because the numbers of failure burn your hands. Shame pushes them to provide explanations with raucous cries irrational embellished slander.

React that way because they lack an address solutions able to imagine and implement them.

A lack of reasons, screaming. Unable to argue lavish fantasies that few believe, neither friends nor old foreign militants willing to swallow all the world to save toads type government. Do not explain, do not rectify bear no constructive serenity to see if they give the answer to the riddle, using the help of other reviews The party structure creaks. Increasingly internal groups and individuals are reluctant to forgive mistakes as pronounced, undercover with faded justifications. Flows were acuerpado structures, several of which are routed to separate parties found. No one creates or repeat the talk of “economic war” or the can of armed imperial conspiracy Uribe, or assassinations to three loach. The meticulous organization of irregular armed forces in underground dispute with the Armed Forces has become the worst threats. The government seems to have lost all ability to arbitration. Bobbing like a cork in the water, the beleaguered president was defeated by the forces in conflict. It is an impossible task having to manage an economy diabolical crisis boils and crackles and whose consequences are terrible unpopularity, but also have a political device or unified and reliable power. Pretender do not rectify or stop assaulting dissent inside and outside the ruling party, is to surrender to the forces of doom.

The incidents slaughter of the leaders of the collective March 5 have caused a rupture that although not admit that name is particularly explosive. The demands made by the spill affected the capabilities of the summit of power. If satisfied, some win and lose much if they do not, much lose and nothing to gain.

But the military, whose dominion over the government has grown like wildfire, prevention act against these groups that Maduro and Diosdado can not disarm, mute or punish. Rodríguez Torres by Odremán and Serra, by whom? Are they dragged the country into the dialectic of violence? Consider for a moment the recent international incidents. The Jaua case is perhaps the most emblematic. He has committed embezzlement of use, there is no question, but has further raised the tip of the veil over the Mantuan life that these people are given. His sloppy performance irritated the government of Brazil, as well as that of Colombia’s earnest hobby to engage Uribe take away these straws. Wherever you look put madurista will see a mess, a ridiculous childishness.

Reflections of Marea Socialista, then the forgotten document Giordani, Diosdado tantrums similar to Donald Duck to foam and cuffs. The vicissitudes of Ramirez personalities criticism of Chavez hitherto silent. Corruption and the infeasibility of the model call for a substantial change.

Who promoted? Possibly the victims of nonsense. There will be a common point: the urgency of ensuring the free play of opinions. Until Stalin and Churchill found at a certain point the way to work together against an opponent who risked their survival. In Venezuela can converge various sectors, encouraged by a target which all life depends, safeguarding their deep differences that may be.

The democratic unity has learned to clean to deal with those found flags that live within it stick. The strength of the MUD lies in that, in its pluralism. The lost if play the piano with one finger. It is the dignity of dissent. The society is diverse, factors drive reflect this; why should compete fairly within the unit. MUD beyond are other clusters including the adversan. The important thing is that in a democratic framework anyone have to be asked to sacrifice his convictions.

Fortunately the MUD, democratic parties, human rights groups and NGOs that multiply as purslane; I say fortunately, these forces of change do not believe in armed struggle, nor power outputs, or madrugonazos as 4F.

The Constitution is the way. Still overwhelmed accompany Venezuelans who make legitimate use of social protest a wide unit force assume the great parliamentary electoral challenge that awaits us next year.

What if the brass persist in error? Over time, the passage of his sins, he will be leaving.

As the relentless shagreen de Balzac.