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The secretary general calls a constituent process to open the lock of 78

More than 95,000 supporters can crown the new secretary general

The latest news related to the formation of Churches

Pablo Iglesias Saturday gave his first speech as Secretary General can underpin strategic and institutional priorities. First, go out and win the general election in 2015. Second, initiate “a constitutional process to open the lock 78 and to discuss everything”. This statement of intent is part of the DNA of training, today was officially founded as organized political force after a ten-month journey in which, according to all polls, has been strengthening as a new option to the bipartisanship. In the words of Churches, we is an “alternative to a regime collapses,” referring to the PP, the PSOE and the constitutional pact.

The leader of the training, which does not have a defined program, wanted to make clear his own who now begins the most tortuous of his political career span. “The real difficulties will start now, and when we win the elections in December next year will begin the difficulties of truth,” he said from the stage of the Teatro Nuevo Apolo in Madrid, during the proclamation of the party leadership. In this crowded room delivering all internal power training was staged to the group of founders, led by Iglesias, Inigo Errejón, Carolina Bescansa, Juan Carlos Purse and Luis Alegre.

Screen Shot 15/11/2014 at 7.26.54 PMThe team in charge of organizing the party assembly presented the results of the vote on the new dome can, an organ called Citizens Council integrated time by 62 positions (plus Iglesias), with equal numbers of men and women. To them the 17 representatives of the regions will be added in the coming weeks.

Iglesias was elected secretary general with the vote-for Internet- more than 95,000 supporters (88.6% of the 107,000 votes cast), far ahead of the other 60 candidates vying for the same position. This is a percentage similar to the vote of the internal documents in October participation. That is, they voted less than 50% of the 250,000 registered in the website can. The 62 members of the Citizens Council were elected were part from the list presented by the team of Churches, and all received support above 70%.

Pablo Iglesias exhibited every confidence in your project. Highlighted the context in which was born the formation and reiterated his ambition. “We can not a political experiment, can is the result of the failure of the regime of oligarchs,” he said in his first meeting as secretary general. “People have responded to them, ‘of course we can,” he summarized.

Screen Shot 15/11/2014 at 7.27.13 PMThe head of the party, wrapped by the leader of the Greek formation SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, and by the Bloco Portuguese MEP Marisa Matias Esquerda, focused much of his speech -of about half an hour to try to dismantle the arguments fear that wield against his training. “It Shake fear is a bad strategy,” he said, referring to what, according to their diagnosis, really “terrorized” society: inequality and austerity policies. “It’s scary to public schools, hospitals are closed. That’s what’s scary, we can not “said Iglesias, who tried to instill optimism to yours:” We are not afraid. The fear begin to have others like JP Morgan. Not because fear is beginning to change sides, is that the smile is beginning to change sides. When people insult you, when lie when defame, smile because we will win. ”

We can leads since its inception in January, spinning a harsh speech against the parties of the “caste”, referring to the PP and the PSOE, and trying to turn the traditional confrontation between left and right in a dispute between the privileged and the “decent people”. Corruption is perhaps one of the core elements of this debate. E Iglesias rededicated several messages to his vision of system corruption today. “It has to do with bad apples, has to do with paying taxes and democratize the economy. Corruption is a regime that allows 20 people have the same wealth as 14 million, “he said before can qualify for” broom to sweep society. ”

Iglesias also spoke of economy at a time when entrepreneurs and social agents are particularly outstanding program. But he did it in general terms. He promised to “summon the best” to design not a draft party but “the program of the best”. He defended the resolution passed at the town meeting-held last October in Vistalegre Palace of Madrid where you can prioritized orderly debt restructuring instead of its default. He quoted Nobel laureates Paul Krugman and Joseph Stiglitz. And I kept the need for a plan to get Spain to a production model based “on the brick and tourism”. This new model, he said, would work fewer hours, work differently and change working conditions.

Iglesias also defended “a plan to encourage the creation of cooperatives that have public investment”. “For all this takes money, for that fiscal reform is necessary to pay those who have more,” he said. “A tax reform that would tackle serious fraud and higher incomes.” As a model pointed to the Nordic countries, including Denmark. “The most successful countries are the most egalitarian countries,” said the leader can, which closed the ceremony by reading some verses of Winds of people take me , Miguel Hernández, before singing with all their equipment Change, everything changes, song famous by Mercedes Sosa.

Screen Shot 15/11/2014 at 7.27.28 PMThe intervention of Churches was full of messages against austerity and against the government of Mariano Rajoy, but this time avoided direct attacks on the PSOE. We heard in the auditorium Hundreds of supporters of his training, international guests-including the ambassadors of Bolivia and Nicaragua and members of the Embassy of Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina, the Kurdish people and Palestine and representatives of consumer groups and users . The theater was also laid spokeswoman Guanyem, Ada Colau, and the socialist José Antonio Pérez Tapias, leader of the Socialist Left current. Branded walls can of “incentive” for political life and against the staff of his party, called peer into their steps towards possible contacts.