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unnamedTuesday, May 16, 2017

First, David Brooks offers his take (When the World Is Led by a Child) on the big news of the day: The Washington Post scoop about President Trump leaking classified information to the Russians. The president is already up and tweeting about the story this morning.
On a related note, David Cohen, a former top C.I.A. official, explains why Trump is making it harder to recruit spies. And for a moment of needed levity, take a look at today’s New York Daily News front page.
Beyond the Trump outrage of the day, I offer the following:
Pick just about any major realm of society, and recent trends look very different for four-year college graduates and for everyone else.
The wage gap between the two groups has risen to record highs in recent years. That gap understates the situation too, because it’s an average among people who have jobs, and non-graduates are increasingly likely to be out of work.
You’ll find similar patterns in the statistics on wealth, on lifespans, on obesity and on the share of children growing up with two parents.
Improving the lives of the two-thirds of Americans who lack a bachelor’s degree deserves to be a national priority. It’s also a sensible comeback strategy for the Democratic Party, which doesn’t currently hold the White House, the Senate, the House or most state governorships or legislatures. My column today makes this case in more detail.
The full Opinion report from The Times follows, including, in case you missed it, Zeynep Tufekci on how the crisis with software bugs is just beginning.

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