ELOY TORRES ROMÁN @eloicito —¿Cómo y por qué cayó Ceausescu?—
Saturday November 15, 2014|Tal CualScreen Shot 15/11/2014 at 8.31.17 PM

Screen Shot 15/11/2014 at 8.28.14 PME n December 1989, Romania was found to history.

Its armed forces had suppressed demonstrations by students and citizens in the streets of the city of Timisoara. The echo spread throughout the country. The patriotic guards (groups of groups organized by the Communist Party) took part in the bloody repression. Many dead to ensure the power of Ceausescu. The Romanian people stood up and faced him. He violated the Constitution by decree whose nature was against a principle of law: life. The repression was bloody and unnecessary.

A whole irrationality to retain power. Romanians began to fight against Romanians. Students of Timisoara beaten by members of the “working class” industrial city of Oltenia, brought to to suppress the “sons of Dad” who “should consider” not “embochinchar” society. That was a measure that could stop but its commitment not respect the limits and ratios led him to choose the worst decision: harshly repress any. A time where the global village was grown thanks to the impact of communications.

All knew. The reaction was contrary.

People did not yield to blackmail, according to which the protest was considered a crime of subversion against the state. The demonstrations were multiplied, even timidly to Bucharest. There are times when man makes his decisions. Ceausescu who was no pushover of indecision, he chose his. His personality reflected go against the grain. Pounded the memory of August 1968, the cover of glory and summon Romania to protest the Soviet invasion of Prague. That day was a farce; he knew that Romania would not be invaded; meanwhile, that December 1989 was a tragedy. This time, he held a demonstration in Bucharest to wear the mantle of a “revolutionary” legitimacy to justify their efforts to defeat the fascist right and anti homeland  harassing Romania. Error. The scythe made ​​its appearance.

That decision Ceausescu’s December 21, 1989 to survive at any cost, triggered events whose consequences have not faded even after 25 years. A country affected by a past that is summarized in intolerance, as almost all the countries of the Eastern Europe called for geopolitical conditions. Today is a sick economy that does not start or can not keep pace with the other members of the European Union; in short a country seeking, with difficulty, to reinvent a market economy, but misses welfarism Ceausescu. Consequently, the price to pay is the weakening of values ​​and survival of communist structures and mentalities . Today the political scene is dominated by the ghost of a society experiencing step, as Solzhenitsyn says, which could not say anything to another in which one can say everything, but is useless. That is the legacy of Ceausescu Ceausescu not sensed or evaded the impending catastrophe. Arguably, he reincarnated spirit of Louis XIV phrase “Après moi, le deluge”. Search of heroism, fictitious, but, after all, heroism: business history, due to a pathological disease is felt.

His outbursts or nationalist outbursts led him, along with Elena, his wife, to the wall. It was an obsession seek to be recognized as the President, when not fit the points for it. Only a primitive cunning and intelligence whose stench is in the onion and bacon. A lesson to be learned men unprepared for such charges. It was a shame, he writes in today’s story. A lesson showing the sacrifice of the Romanian as obvious as the drama that shook the country was the result of Gorbachev’s policy to destabilize all its satellites in order to strengthen the image of the USSR and personal yours.

According to the Romanian press points out, that December 21, 1989 were met 110 years of the birth of Stalin. While Ceausescu, annoyed news, desperately seeking light in from abroad, particularly in the words of Fidel Castro in the Cuban Communist Party Congress, who sentenciase Gorbachev had betrayed the “socialism and communism”. That speech shook him. He followed Fidel carefully, as the storm reached him. Fidel hardened his discourse; Ceausescu had no bellows to keep the Castro example. The betrayal of Gorbachev caught him. He had no time to continue repressing its people. He was overthrown in a palace coup and executed.

From Paris to Ceausescu was announced even from July 1989 were useless applause photographed during the XIV Congress of the Communist Party one month before the events. Everything was served. At the end of the Congress, the Paris daily L’Express titled: “The defeat of madness”. Ceausescu had no allies anywhere. Europe turned its back and the US no longer considered important for boxing with the USSR. The Cold War went into the freezer until modern times. The USSR was eyeing. They fell all East Berlin, Sofia, Prague, Budapest, Warsaw. New Liberal leaders shook the ideological and economic landscape of Eastern Europe. The Iron Curtain fraying. Ceausescu was alone. Missing checkmate. The USSR did.

For a man who enjoyed power since 1965, meant disaster. Insurgencies in Timisoara, Brasov, Cluj-Napoca; It was like too. The aforementioned rally in Bucharest to find legitimacy, what he found was rejected. Inflamed masses ran after him. The helicopter fled toward death. I expected a court sentenced him to death in Tirgoviste a few kilometers from Bucharest. Anger, hunger, cold and economic hardship were the condiments to overcome fear. That should learn those who do not respect the limits or proportions.

Ceausescu was not crazy. It was the result of bipolarity of international politics. Possibly he thought, like some out there, uphold the “independence, dignity and sovereignty of the people” against the rich, the fascist right, squalid that even mimic true Caribbean leader to solve problems with the paradigm of an oil-rich state . The fact is that the problems are always larger than the capacity of those who try.

Ceausescu was a sample.