FAUSTO MASÓ Nuestro David, nuestro Goliat

15 NOVEMBER 2014 National

We had our David and Goliath had our; just in Venezuela Goliath and David triumphed forgot it. The Venezuelan Goliath were journalists, intellectuals and politicians who called idealists, patriots, nationalists elevations of 4 February 1992. Before them, the real David was execrated because he yelled at the conference “Death to the coup” . Sometimes, in the future, we must place a plaque at the same congress to remember the name David Morales Bello. It will never happen, even though when he faced Goliath represented the Venezuelan dignity and heroism that day justifies forget his numerous errors.

Screen Shot 15/11/2014 at 12.19.11 PMThe main writer of Venezuela, José Ignacio Cabrujas, playing the national sentiment, Chavez greeted the gesture by confessing his guilt: finally someone in the country took responsibility for his actions !, with such logic would have had to qualify hero Hitler announcing its plans in  Mein Kampf.  No one wrote a line for David. Then, when Chavez said his coup plans had been postponed “for now”, you will be welcomed with greater enthusiasm. Once released popularity fell because for a time he refused to participate in elections, once decided to participate in elections, Chavez and Salas Romer represented antipartyism, when voting we chose the worst of the two.

In 1958 no coup had been supported; in 1992 the average and high class sounded pans for Chavez. Pérez economic plan condemned, without knowing; now also applauds without knowing.

Dead Chavez of Venezuela disappeared drama, we returned to the days of mediocre politicians. We are going badly and worse. Chavez irritated in queues to buy bread, yearn detest Chavez and Maduro, who has a reputation for honest Chavez.

Venezuela’s history is largely a mixture of myths, lies and a few truths. For example, do not write that the CVG would have to close it, or sell it as scrap iron after taking account of the dollars it has cost Venezuela, much of the debt exists thanks to CVG, but still there are many who consider it essential for the development of the country when it was only necessary to ruin. It is an article of faith of the opposition and Chavez’s conviction that oil should be ours; in Colombia, with far fewer resources in five years doubled production. The secret? Ecopetrol and Colombian compete with foreign companies. In Venezuela abroad, or private investor, as a junior partner in places like the Orinoco Belt, always liable to be nationalized at any time is allowed.

The political crisis before Chávez came to power, due to economic stagnation, the constant devaluation of the currency, the deterioration of social services. Although the worst civilian government exceeds military one as the current civilian and military coincide in their attitude to oil.

Actually there is a debate about the future in Venezuela, nobody dares to confront the old myths, recognize that most Venezuelan oil production occurred during the government of Raul Leoni. Then the Arabs increased their production, so did England, Holland etc … while Venezuela remained tied to the thesis that the oil is worth more underground than on the market, because oil in Venezuela represents the national soul.

The government now wants the fiction of a dialogue. Is there a dialogue with the government or with Chavez? A dialogue is only possible with prior agenda and third present as Secretary General of the OAS, as in 2002

True dialogue should be with the history of Venezuela to know the real causes of the current disaster, bad past and present that must be overcome and responsibility of our Goliaths in the disaster.