FERNANDO MIRES Europa: ¿entre el Frente Nacional y Podemos?
Saturday November 15, 2014|Tal Cual

H an put the outcry. In Spain, the newly formed can appeared located in the top of the polls without any of its leaders had said or done something meaningful ( the game still has no program ). There have been those who claim that its founder, the young professor Pablo Iglesias is the Spanish Chavez.

Who can believe that is the Spanish version of Chavez unaware that the main feature of Chavez is not that ideological stew called “socialism of the XXI century”, nor its undeniable popular character. Chavez that is the point that distinguishes it from other populist parties in Latin America since its inception had a militaristic origin. Not if able.

We can have an academic origin, ie ideological. That does not make it more democratic. But for now emerges as a joint formed between academic elites and social sectors without political representation.

We are still a protest movement. If it will be an occasional appearance or here to stay , no one can know. But some evidence support the conclusion that the second possibility we must estimate it. From a “long” historical perspective, can cover an area without representation. There are sectors that could not be absorbed forms and modes of production that require saving technologies workforce. In that sense, as the socialists and communists of yesterday are sons of industrial society, can could be a child of the digital society .

If we analyze the same phenomenon from a “short” perspective, one could see that we can somehow former political expression of movement of the “indignados” assumes part of indignation against the manifest and notorious corruption of the two major political parties The PP and PSOE.

For much of the citizenry, the two major parties are perceived as expressions of the same political class. We can, for his followers, would then be a promise intended to purify the politics of the nation. Actually, under certain conditions, until I could do it. But not because we are democratic, but because it still is not.

That is, we can be a threat requiring political parties to assume the political struggle in the intensity she claims .

We can, like almost every protest parties, may become part of the Spanish political structure. Were not integrated in Germany so radical environmentalists and then Linke (match heir to the dictatorship of the GDR) the institutional order without this being affected in the slightest? There is no law on the impossibility of new parties are integrated into the political system. The problem, of course, is the magnitude of the place they occupy. Impossible to know in advance. Well there must be a result of political struggle. And that is precisely what brings can: the possibility of encouraging this struggle even in its counterpart in a country where political languishes.

The integration can is risky.

But without risk there is no policy. It is somewhat the same risk faced by France to the rise hitherto unstoppable National Front of Marine Le Pen.

Both FN and can, are equivalent to the post-industrial period games.

Both articulated the alliance between intellectual elites with new emerging masses.

Both arise as a protest against a political order plagued by boredom and riddled with corruption.

The difference between can and FN are rather than political cultural nature .

FN is a party with two wings. Try to attract the extreme conservatives while commoners sectors. Largely Marine Le Pen has succeeded. As Hannah Arendt would say, Marine represents an alliance between the elites and the populace (Mob). On that basis orients its not dark desire for the government.

Did you succeed? No doubt that is very close.

For one thing, Marine has made that Nazi troops he inherited from his father, in a modern political party. Fascist, say many. Okay, but this is fascism adapted to the conditions of the XXI century. Thus, Marine has been surrounded by ultra-conservative populist but also daring.

Marine Le Pen tries to restrict abortion and Christians ultramontanos applaud. Try to stop the migratory wave, limit the practice of Islam, unleashing a class struggle against foreign workers and xenophobic mob applauds. Try replacing the euro for the frank, leaving NATO and the EU, and the nationalist and former leftists applaud. What has that to do with the Spanish can? Not at all points, but in some vital political, visions of both parties meet. For one thing, the two cultivated a radical anti-Americanism. In the form of imperialism, we can. In the form of ultra-nationalism, FN. The two proposed defect NATO and EU. The two enemies of Germany Angela Merkel (with patriotic arguments, FN, and “anti-capitalist” can) are declared. And not least, both support Putin’s Russia.

Marine does not hide his admiration for the Russian leader. If she reaches the government, the alliance between Putinism and lepenismo be true. The anti-German view, anti-American, anti-EU and anti-NATO can also coincides with the geopolitical strategy of the Kremlin.

Whether we like FN bring dangers , if not for politics, at least for democracy. Is the time at which the Democrats must leave the seats, take to the streets and look defensive alliances among themselves has come? Obviously it has arrived.

Democracies have not yet entered the post-political phase, either in Europe or anywhere else. For this utopia missing is met even long.