Gustavo Coronel a Eva Golinger
Dear Mrs. Golinger :

I have looked at your excellent website:, in which you list all your areas of expertise as follows:

International Relations, Communications Strategy, Latin American Politics, Transnational
Accountability/Corporate Responsability (sic), International Law, Human Rights Law​, Media law, etc. Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 2.21.25 PM
These impressive qualifications, plus your intimate knowledge of the high level Venezuelan
bureaucracy of the last 16 years, especially of Hugo Chavez, as illustrated by the wonderful photographs placing you with him, and with Fidel Castro, Chavez, Maduro, Ahmadinejad, Lukashenko and other very important people, have left no doubt in my mind that you are the ideal person to help me in a piece of research I am starting. My project is the compilation of a document describing the acts of corruption and human rights violations of the Venezuelan chavista regime, during the period 2000-2015, for the use of international tribunals, law makers and the knowledge of international and Venezuelan public opinion. I am certain that your expertise and direct experience with the government during those years will be of invaluable help to me in this task. I am also certain that your ideals and principles are totally in line with this project and hope that you accept.


Gustavo Coronel