Manopause?! Aging, Insecurity and the $2 Billion Testosterone Industry

Are You Man Enough? The Truth About Low Testosterone

These drugs promise to pump up men who feel deflated. But are they safe?

The sign over the clinic door says Low T Center, as in low testosterone, as in not enough man juice in the tank. Inside, the place is musky with masculinity. The spacious suite is situated in a handsome office building in the prosperous North Texas suburb of Southlake, staffed by attractive female receptionists who welcome patients into the “man cave.” ESPN plays on the flat-screen near a bar stocked with drinks and snacks. The rooms are decorated with autographed football jerseys and other sports memorabilia. A he-man with a firm handshake named Mike Sisk is the proprietor, but he’s no doctor. Instead, Sisk is enough of a businessman to realize that America’s beer bellies could be worth their weight in …

This appears in the August 18, 2014 issue of TIME.