MI PERSONAJE DE HOY Jesús Chúo Torrealba: Tenemos que ser alternativa de poder
HOPE MARQUEZ   Saturday November 15, 2014|Tal Cual

J esus Chuo Torrealba , from six weeks at the head of the executive secretary of the Democratic Unity Roundtable ago, the proposed appointment surprised and then refuse stubbornly decided to accept responsibility because, among other things, I saw an opportunity to bring the partisan political leadership to social and community leadership.

Screen Shot 15/11/2014 at 12.42.07 PMIn these six weeks touring the country, what have you found? Both in popular sectors of the Greater Caracas and the Venezuela profound people who are far from ayayay away from the story of the learned helplessness, looking for solutions, demanding the construction of options with a very clear fervor in the unit as a tool, which does not mean instant recognition of anything that makes the unit, but there is a fervor, a conviction that the unit is a vital element not only to achieve political success but to draw this country forward.

So people are working. You Hables with whom you talk you always point to a network of small inefficiencies, like the farmer who tells you he would get the crops if he tires and batteries for the truck, but if you fix the access roads has left the problem of insecurity and if you put policing is the problem of slack, and yet it seems joke and portraying it as your reality is there throwing leg, trying to generate wealth, employment, trying to build the Venezuelan dream of mobility social to end of study and work.  There are many who say the vene ezuelan resigned. It is curious that those who spend talking to people resigned, was accustomed, was perverted by clientelism and got used to making glues humiliating Mercal, is that the same social sector which was installed in the ayayay are those who say that how we will vote with this CNE, that’s why we make traps and therefore always lose, but it is incredible that we always win at least 7 years accumulating successes since shortcut routes were discarded and the election as the fundamental strategic path for change was adopted: the constitutional referendum of 2007, the regional elections of 2008, 2010 parliamentary, presidential 2012 and 13, milestones where it was possible to perceive the steady erosion of the ruling party and the symmetrical increase democratic alternative.

Do you live in that “oh my God” help the government? They do not realize they are giving immense power from the government to exert blackmail. In government there are some guys who will most likely become unemployed within nine months. Some people do not quite understand that elections are not won with rectors, are won with votes and the votes do not count the rectors, we count on the tables and that’s the story of these seven years of triumphs. You have to decide how you live, if empowering your opponents or as they are doing those in the deep Venezuela, urban poverty, rural that are not in the ayayay but building or requiring the construction of an alternative even in these conditions certainly difficult.

What he faces the alternative democratic right now? We are facing a crisis where the government is confused with the State and the State invaded society and a government crisis in these conditions can lead to the collapse of the state and social anomie and that is the size of the challenge facing the democratic alternative right now. We can not be content to say that we have now more consistent than in the first half of 2014, we have no right to compare ourselves with our own mistakes of the recent past to say we’re better today, we have a goal, a strategy and things decided unanimously as If that was a great thing, that’s part of the routine. We have to compare ourselves with the demands of the present and the future, we need to respond width of the crisis and that demands of politicians coherence, unity and quality performance; citizenship requires more commitment, attitude less emotionally fragile, need a lot of spiritual strength to face what we are and what comes that is no small thing.

Should rethink Unit? What the country and demand story of us is not resistance, opposition, must be alternative power. Which means that this agreement has been the basis for the unit must be rethought. I think VIPs as Henrique Capriles and Leopoldo López must join hands in a gesture that goes beyond the symbolic, I think organizations like Primero Justicia and Popular Will must find a way to advance what they agree and settle those matters on which are not, and other organizations should be involved in re-legitimization of political agreement which led to the Unit.

How is returned faith to vene ezuelan? By showing that there is progress, successes, achievements obtained the strategy. All political project to be successful you have to approach the political center which is where the majority and at this time the political center is turned to the need for calm, the country is fed up of tension, confrontation and who have associated the idea of change violence, outrage, disorder, tension, breach of public peace are our adversaries and our responsibility to reap the gains of a strategy to change a political process that will restore peace to the Venezuelans.