Once Wary of Clinton, Congressional Democrats Open Their Arms

NYT FDMaggie Haberman 7/14/2015

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Good Tuesday morning from Washington, which will be analyzing the nuclear deal the Obama administration just made with Iran. The deal comes as President Obama is scheduled to deliver a big speech, while on the campaign front, Gov. Scott Walker, an opponent of the Iran deal, has joined the crowd running for the Republican nomination. But first, Hillary Rodham Clinton will be returning to the Capitol to court a group she was unable to win over in 2008.

Mrs. Clinton will visit Capitol Hill on Tuesday for a private meeting withRepresentative Nancy Pelosi, the minority leader, and then a series of events with congressional Democrats — a group that did little to help her in 2008, but that is now greeting her with open arms.

Mrs. Clinton will sit with Ms. Pelosi ahead of a meeting with the Democratic congressional caucus. She’ll also attend a weekly luncheon for Senate Democrats — including Senator Bernie Sanders, the Vermont independent who is challenging her for the Democratic presidential nomination.

And there will be smaller meetings with basically every subset of the caucus — the Congressional Black Caucus, the Hispanic Caucus, and the Asian-Pacific Americans Caucus.

For Mrs. Clinton, the meetings highlight the degree to which her second presidential campaign is aggressively reaching out to those who did not support her last time around. A star senator from New York in the 2008 campaign, Mrs. Clinton was viewed with suspicion and some hostility by some of her colleagues, some of whom served as early supporters of Senator Barack Obama, then her rival.

Eight years later, Mr. Obama has been derided for having a weak relationship with congressional Democrats, who now are embracing Mrs. Clinton. Ms. Pelosi was among the first elected officials to voice support for a second Clinton campaign, well before it was a certainty.

There are also a number of new faces on the Hill, giving Mrs. Clinton new opportunities to find support.