Our Story – The Biggest Misconception of the 21st Century

Published on Apr 19, 2015

Así no hables ingles, el video tiene subtítulos en español. Nuestro objetivo es que este video se haga viral a nivel global y que Venezuela sea tópico a nivel internacional! Por eso debemos difundir, Difundir, y DIFUNDIR este video lo masssss que puedas! No dejemos a nuestros estudiantes solos.

Salvémoslos, un clic a la vez.

Ayuda a difundir….

El señor Anderson Cooper de CNN se comprometió a poner el video en su cadena de televisión, si el video de los estudiantes venezolanos pasa la barrera de 100k, solo faltan 30k.

Los estudiantes han logrado que 60 mil personas vean el video en 4 días vamos a ayudar, falta poco.

Tenemos que lograr esa transmisión tan importante.


Hello everyone,

Mr. Anderson Cooper of CNN offered  to put the video on the screen of his TV network if the video of Venezuelan students passed the 100k barrier, just missing 30k.

Students have made 60,000 people to watch the video in 4 days, let’s help kick bit.

We have to get that important broadcast.

Finally contribute to this cause by changing your profile picture.

Thank you.

See it here:

Véanlo aquí:
El video es largo pero so recogedor, fue hecho para enseñar al mundo quienes somos y lo que esta pasando en nuestro país…


The biggest misconception of the century,
comes with a heavy prize.

It has been said “that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.” What consequence then, will the rise of freedom in Venezuela have on the world?
Many still believe Venezuela is a democracy, but together we can defeat that dangerous misconception.
Regardless of what political ideology you support, let us come together and stand behind these students, and their noble act of defiance.

Change your profiles, and please share this video as much as you possibly can. Help share Our Story.

Be our voice.
We need you.



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