Playing the Numbers Game With the Obamas’ Christmas Vacation

Michael S. Schmidt DECEMBER 29, 2014NYT FD


President Obama playing golf with Prime Minister Najib Razak of Malaysia in Kaneohe, Hawaii, on Wednesday.  Jacquelyn Martin/Associated Press

Good morning on the last Monday of the year from Washington, where federal officials are awaiting calls for assistance involving AirAsia Flight 8501, and former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida, fresh off his announcement that he is exploring a presidential campaign, has a big lead in a new poll over other potential Republican contenders. We also start wrapping up the year by tallying statistics from President Obama’s Hawaiian vacation and looking at the Twitter champions in Congress.

Mr. Obama is halfway through his year-end trip to Hawaii. While he has kept a low profile, he’s been fairly busy. Here’s a breakdown:

9 – Number of days the president has been in Hawaii.

6 – Number of times he has played golf.

7 – Number of golf partners. (His childhood friends Mike Ramos, Greg Orme and Bobby Titcomb; the White House staff members Mike Brush and Joe Paulsen; Prime Minister Najib Razak of Malaysia; the lawyer Preston Heard.)

2 – Number of putts Mr. Obama missed on the 18th green on Wednesday when reporters were allowed to see him finish a round with Mr. Razak.

2 – Number of putts the Malaysian prime minister missed on the 18th green.

1 – Number of times the president has bowled with friends when it was too rainy to golf.

4 – Number of times he has worked out at a local military base.

4 – Number of Obama family beach trips.

1 – Number of first family hikes.

2 – Number of times the White House spokesman has announced that Mr. Obama was briefed on breaking news events (the New York City police shootings in one case, and the missing plane in Asia in the other).

2 – Number of police chiefs the president has called (William J. Bratton of New York and Charles H. Ramsey of Philadelphia).

1 – The number of times Mr. Obama has praised the former senator and presidential candidate Gary Hart. He thanked Mr. Hart, who was appointed as special envoy to Northern Ireland in October, “for his hard work in support of” this month’s Stormont House Agreement, shoring up the power-sharing government in Northern Ireland.