Polls Keep Bolstering a Trump Seemingly Impervious to Scrubbing

NYT FDMaggie Haberman 7/30/2015

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Good Thursday morning from Washington, where the Iran nuclear deal has resurrected a debate on oil. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont threw a nationwide house party, and Donald J. Trump’s status as a front-runner has prompted an increased scrutiny that feeds his combative nature, further fueling that status.

“I don’t blow up.”

That was Mr. Trump’s message to the CNN reporter Dana Bash as she interviewed him on Wednesday about a report of a court deposition he abruptly left when a lawyer involved in the case asked for a break to pump breast milk for her infant child.

The deposition dominated the discussion around Mr. Trump on Wednesday as the Republican presidential primary inches closer to the first debate.

In the interview, Mr. Trump was familiarly combative, insisting that the lawyer involved is a “horrible person who manufactured a negative story about him and is now posing as an expert on him for the news media.

The media scrubbing of Mr. Trump, as the current front-runner in opinion polls for the Republican nomination, has begun in earnest. But it remains to be seen whether any of the flare-ups around him will dent his poll numbers.

Some data suggest his support in New Hampshire dipped immediately after he insulted the war record of Senator John McCain, who is popular in the early primary state. But other polls in the aftermath showed him unscathed.

He is a celebrity candidate, and so far, he has proved to be fairly impervious to the types of questions that normally imperil a candidacy.