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Here are some of the stories making news in Washington and politics today:
President Trump arrived in Europe, where he will meet on Friday with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia.
The United States vowed tougher action after North Korea conducted a successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile, but its options are limited.
The delay on the health bill has left other Republican priorities piling up.
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Questions on Trump? Peace Corps Volunteers Change the Topic

President John F. Kennedy addressed journalists and members of the Peace Corps on Aug. 28, 1961. Kennedy assigned the volunteers their first mission overseas.

President John F. Kennedy addressed journalists and members of the Peace Corps on Aug. 28, 1961. Kennedy assigned the volunteers their first mission overseas. Bettmann Archive, via Getty Images

As a Peace Corps volunteer assigned to a school in Gostivar, Macedonia, Sarah Blake would listen, waiting for the English words that began to puncture the conversations during the first months of 2017.
Trump. Ban.
Ms. Blake, in her third year as a Peace Corps volunteer, was often the only American in the city of about 80,000 in the Macedonian foothills, where the predominantly Muslim population speaks Albanian. She began to stress about having to explain the Trump administration’s new travel policy and the president’s own statements about Islam.
Shoulders hunched, head down, she would conjure reasons to step away in case these questions came up, she said. Too much work. A meeting to attend.
“There hasn’t been a really perfect president,” said Ms. Blake, a Maryland native who now lives in Istanbul after completing her Peace Corps service in May. “But when the president of your country is saying horrible, horrible things, I felt embarrassed.”
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Jeffrey A. Zucker, president of CNN Worldwide.

The Television Network Against the Leader of the Free World


President Trump, in a series of denunciations of CNN and a video depicting him wrestling it, is “trying to bully us,” said its president, Jeffrey Zucker.

Mikie Sherrill, a former Navy helicopter pilot who is challenging a Republican congressman in New Jersey, greeted Fourth of July paradegoers in Montclair on Tuesday.

Democrats Court Military Veterans in Effort to Reclaim House


The party, which has about 20 veterans who have announced bids so far, hopes to appeal to the sort of frustrated voters who elected President Trump.

Janet L. Yellen, the Federal Reserve chairwoman, at a news conference in March.

Fed Officials Are Divided Over When to Reduce Its Debt Holdings


Minutes of the policy makers’ June meeting showed a conflict over a September or December start on pruning the bank’s portfolio, and the effect on rates.


Hated by the Right. Mocked by the Left. Who Wants to Be ‘Liberal’ Anymore?


After decades as a target of Republican abuse, liberalism is back in the middle of American politics, criticized on both sides and short on defenders.


All the President’s Lawyers


Donald Trump’s life and career have been defined by his legal battles. But do the attorneys who guided him through the courtrooms of New York and New Jersey know how to navigate Washington?

A January protest over the Miami-Dade mayor’s decision to aid federal immigration authorities.

U.S. Citizen Detained by Mistake Sues Over Immigration Enforcement


In a possible test case for the Trump administration, a Miami-Dade resident says his county should not have honored immigration agents’ requests to hold him in jail.

Hangman’s Noose, Symbol of Racial Animus, Keeps Cropping Up


A noose was found last week at the United States Mint in Philadelphia. It was the latest in a series of such cases, especially in the capital.

Border Patrol agents taking Central American immigrants into custody near McAllen, Tex.

Detained Immigrant Children Are Entitled to Hearings, Court Rules


An appeals court ruled that children in deportation proceedings, who may be held for months and even years, had a right to a bond hearing before an immigration judge.

A storage tank at a NuStar Energy facility in Corpus Christi, Tex. The nation’s oil exports have now reached 1.3 million barrels a day.

Oil Exports, Illegal for Decades, Now Fuel a Texas Port Boom


Crude from West Texas shale fields is increasingly making its way abroad as a pipeline system is expanded to take it to market through Corpus Christi.

Senator Ted Cruz, of Texas, has an idea about how to amend the Republican health care bill.

Blue Cities Want to Make Their Own Rules. Red States Won’t Let Them.


Pre-emption laws at the state level to limit left-leaning local measures have grown punitive and personal.

Right and Left: Partisan Writing You Shouldn’t Miss
Read about how the other side thinks. We have collected political writing from around the web and across ideologies.
From the Right
• Elise Jordan in Time:
“The era of normalcy has come and gone.”
All expectations for a normal presidency should be abandoned, Ms. Jordan argues, and instead, we should “strive for decency among ourselves.” After all, she reminds her readers, “he works for us.” A regular panelist on “Morning Joe,” Ms. Jordan writes about the president’s attacks on Mika Brzezinski, denouncing behavior “that would get a man fired in any semi-functional workplace.” Read more »
From the Left
• Adrienne LaFrance in The Atlantic:
“When one of the people involved in a Twitter fight isn’t just a public official but also the president of the United States, is it fair to consider anyone he’s attacking an equal player in a fight?”
Do the president’s actions constitute a breach of Twitter’s terms of service? Ms. LaFrance wonders what ethical, legal and corporate responsibility Twitter has “when one of its users — who is also the president of the United States, by the way — incessantly publishes attacks against individuals.” Read more »
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