Trump’s Busy Week Aligns With His Opponents’ Growing Unease

NYT FDJeremy W. Peters 8/11/2015

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Good Tuesday morning. It is indeed the thick of the August lull, but with candidates fighting either to build on momentum from the debates or to make up for any lost ground, there is still work to do. Of course, it remains hard to be heard when one voice continues to rise above the rest, especially when that voice enters its most packed stretch of the campaign so far.

Donald J. Trump begins his busiest day since making comments about Megyn Kelly of Fox News that rocked the presidential campaign and drew widespread condemnation from fellow Republicans.

It will begin and end, oddly enough, on Fox News. He is scheduled to speak first to the “Fox and Friends” morning program. Then he will appear on “Hannity” in the evening.

In between, Mr. Trump will be in Birch Run, Mich., for a local Republican Party dinner. He is the keynote speaker.

The event was scheduled well before the debate last week and Mr. Trump’s statement that Ms. Kelly was so worked up during the questioning that she had blood coming out of her wherevera remark many took as an insinuation that she was menstruating. Mr. Trump has denied that.

But his presence before a county Republican Party event illustrates what a delicate situation the Republican National Committee finds itself in. The party leadership is deeply uneasy about Mr. Trump’s presence in the race, worrying that his tendency to inflame racial and cultural tensions will set back the party’s efforts to repair its image with minorities. Yet Mr. Trump has caught fire with many Republicans, and any efforts to nudge him from the race are likely to be seen as a plot by the party establishment to silence him and his followers.