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Here are some of the stories making news in Washington and politics today:
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How to Prevent Gun Deaths? Where Experts and the Public Agree

The mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday night has revived an issue that has divided Americans for decades: What can be done to stop such massacres?
President Trump has promised to roll back gun restrictions. The most prominent gun measure currently before Congress is one that would allow people with concealed-weapon permits from one state to carry their weapons to other states.
The concealed carry legislation is one of many gun measures that policy makers have debated in recent years. Backers of those ideas, whether the emphasis is gun rights or gun control, often say the intent is to make Americans safer. We’ve wondered whether the various ideas politicians talk about would work, and whether the public would support them. In June 2016, we asked Morning Consult, a media and polling firm, to survey two groups: some of the country’s leading experts on gun violence, and a representative sample of the American electorate.
Our expert survey asked dozens of social scientists, lawyers and public health officials how effective each of 29 policies would be in reducing firearm homicide deaths, regardless of their political feasibility or cost.
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A map of Benghazi, Libya, was carried into the federal courthouse in Washington where a trial began on Monday against the suspected mastermind of the 2012 attacks on the American Mission.

At Benghazi Trial, Harrowing Testimony and Clashing Views of a Defendant


A survivor of the 2012 Benghazi, Libya, attacks described the assault on a villa that left two Americans dead, and lawyers clashed over the defendant’s role, if any.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin last week in Maryland. “You can’t make guarantees because every single person’s taxes are different,” he said when asked if everyone in the middle class would receive a tax cut under the Republican plan.

Republicans Won’t Rule Out Tax Hikes for Some in the Middle Class


Top officials acknowledged over the weekend that a tax cut for everyone in the middle class may not be achievable.

Senator Robert Menendez, a Democrat, is on trial in Newark on federal corruption charges.

Medicare Official Recounts ‘Hostile’ Interactions With Menendez


In two instances, a witness testified, Senator Robert Menendez pressured officials to intervene in a Medicare billing dispute on behalf of Dr. Salomon Melgen.

People lined up outside the Supreme Court before dawn on Monday for the first day of the new term’s arguments.

Supreme Court Divided on Arbitration for Workplace Cases


In earlier rulings, the court endorsed arbitration clauses in consumer contracts. A new decision could affect 25 million employment contracts.

Officers from Customs and Border Protection outside an office at Los Angeles International Airport in January during the first travel ban.

First Travel Ban Order Left Officials Confused, Documents Show


Emails and memorandums sent and received by United States Customs and Border Protection officials show an agency adapting on the fly.

The sculpture R-Evolution at the Burning Man festival, where it made its debut in 2015.

Nude Sculpture Four Stories Tall Planned for National Mall


The steel sculpture, called R-Evolution, is meant to start a conversation about violence against women, its artist said.

A Facebook page believed to be linked to Russia, called “Secured Borders,” offered a stream of inflammatory anti-immigrant commentary.

Facebook’s Russia-Linked Ads Came in Many Disguises


The Russia-linked ads used to influence the 2016 election included those from a fake gun-rights group, a bogus gay rights group and even a phony dog lovers group.

An Amtrak Acela train crosses Hell Gate Bridge in New York. The train is a preferred means of transportation for Northeastern elites.

Zippy Amtrak Train Gets Tangled in ‘the Swamp’


What’s the latest code word for the elite values and lifestyle repudiated by the president? Acela.