Valentina Arcaya @ArcayaValentina @elgallopasion @ignacioarcaya | Sunrise & Darkness
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SunriseHave you experienced the feeling?
The crisp morning air fills your lungs,
still so dark the bright street lights, and even the dimmest, catch your eyes.
Birds do not yet sing.
People do not yet engage in conversation.
The dark landscape wearing blue undertones hugs the earth early, too early.
A faint but beautiful pink mist hides behind majestic white and gray clouds, ready to overcome the darkness that keeps a town asleep.
Although all is silent, the world slowly awakens, dictated by the rays of sun that shine through the opportunities each day brings.
Moments pass and alarms begin to scream their usual morning cries.
Cars rush through cities that were once busy.
Even the smallest flower, leaf, and blade of grass feel the change.
“Good morning” says one,
“Morning!” says the other.
And so on,
the sun rises.


Darkness -A brief parallel to Venezuela
A lonely town in the dead of night.
A vast park after closing hours
Only the leaves upon old trees sway softly
to the sound of the wind’s faint melody
Like an abandoned museum
Filled with paralyzed antics
Left unattended, without polishing
Nobody cared to clear the growing debris
that now covered them, hiding their beauty
A lonely town in the dead of night.
Not the slightest hint of joy can survive
in such darkness
Because what glee is there in lifeless souls
What glee is there in empty hearts
What glee is there if all that is left
is an unsettling feeling of absolute silence
A lonely town in the dead of night.
A sight where children used to play
Where love would bloom and last forever
And the slight smell of roses colored the air
A lonely town in the dead of night.
A paradise once filled with joy
The apple of millions of people’s eyes
They saw it crumble before them
Helpless against that darkness that stole
all they had and didn’t have
Including their fear to fight back.
Today they fight, today they resist,
give up their lives to honor memories
once housed by a reality no longer alive
And yet so vibrant inside their hearts…
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That lonely town in the dead of night,
has not always been like so.